The Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environmental offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Building Science with three concentrations:

Construction Management

The Construction Management curriculum prepares students for leadership positions within the commercial, industrial, residential, performance, and research sectors of the building industry. Unique to the curriculum, students take professionally-oriented capstone courses that include collaborative, inter-disciplinary projects that embody the fundamentals and techniques learned in previous coursework, which includes aspects of engineering, design, and technology. [Learn more]

Architectural Technology and Design

The Architectural Technology and Design curriculum provides students with opportunities to apply the techniques of sustainability and energy efficient construction to large and small scale design projects. Students pursue careers in the design, engineering, and building performance sectors of the building industry and those interested in becoming registered design professionals use their portfolio of work to continue studies at the graduate level in architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, and engineering. [Learn more]

Sustainable Building Systems

The Sustainable Building Systems curriculum is designed for students who want to play active roles in facilities management. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the underlying building systems that lead to greater occupant health and comfort. They will also learn about strategies for monitoring and controlling building systems for greatest energy efficiency. The curriculum incorporates field study elements to provide students experience with real-world applications of building operations and controls.


The graduate degree programs within the Department of Sustainable Technology and the Built Environmental are designed to provide advanced education, research opportunities, and professional development in selected technical areas. There are two graduate concentrations relative to Building Science:

Building Science

The Building Science concentration within the Masters of Science in Technology focuses on developing construction management expertise and is also recognized for its emphasis on energy efficient building design, construction, and testing, as well as use of alternative building materials.

Sustainable Design & Construction

Designed for individuals with backgrounds in architecture, engineering, construction science/management, interior design, or related fields who are interested in the integrative design process. The program includes a strong technical emphasis on design and construction of buildings and systems that are net-zero energy.